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Author of the month - Jan 2018 - Zoe Sugg

This months author of the month is Zoe Sugg. Zoe Sugg is a huge youtuber known as Zoella. She is also famous for her amazing series Girl Online. To celebrate these amazing books we are putting Zoe in the spotlight. If you want to find out more about how Zoe wrote the books or more about her don't forget to view her factfile which is on display.

You can also earn yourself 10 credit points by completing a Zoella text quiz. Read through an extract of Girl Online and answer the 10 questions on the back. Easy!

We have recommended books on display as well, so if you enjoyed the Girl Online series you might want to try one of the books on display. We have a variety to choose from like Holly Smale's Geek Girl.

So come check out our author of the month!

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