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Quizzes Galore - February 2018

The Learning Lounge is bursting with brand new quizzes for you to take part in this month.

To celebrate Valentines Day and Chinese New Year the Learning Lounge has 2 more quizzes up for grabs. Can you answer the 10 questions? All the answers can be found in the display books. For each correct answer you will earn 1 credit point. What a great way to find out more about these fantastic celebrations!

Finally, you can pick up a Bali Rai text quiz which can be found on our author of the month display. Read through a section of 'Web of Darkness' and answer the 10 corresponding questions. 10 credit points says you can't.

NEW ISSUES: If you really want to test yourself we have brand new issue books in the Learning Lounge. Each one is bursting with statistical information. Did you know The UK saves less than almost any other country in the EU? You can earn yourself 30 credit points if you are able to answer our 6 issue questions. You can find these quizzes on the tables in the Learning Lounge.

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