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Year 7 Skype with Sean Fay Wolfe

During their Learning Lounge lesson 7F were extremely lucky enough to meet Sean Fay Wolfe who skyped Toot Hill School all the way from America. Sean Fay Wolfe is a young American author who has written a series of books named 'The Elementia Chronicles' the books take place in the world of Minecraft. New players are forced to defend themselves as the more experienced players try to boot them off the servers as the world's resources plummet.

Sean spoke with the class about his ideas, his journey to publishing and how you can turn your favourite hobbies into an amazing book! 7F were extremely thrilled with the session and asked some fantastic questions at the end of his talk.

What a perfect activity to be held on National Writing Day!

To find out more about Sean and his books feel free to visit his website:

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