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Matt Dickinson Book Sale

On the 7th of November Matt Dickinson will be visiting Toot Hill School. Matt Dickinson is a Young Adult author who has written a wide variety of books. This year all of Year 7 were gifted a copy of his book 'The Everest Files'. Now we are giving the rest of the school the opportunity to buy his book and get it signed by Matt during his visit. We are selling the book for £5 which is £2 cheaper than its usual retail price!

If you want a copy of 'The Everest Files' simply come to the LL with £5 to secure your book. To make sure you don't forget it on the day, we will keep the book in the LL and get it signed by Matt before returning it to you.

Remember, Matt will be here on Wednesday the 7th of November and you can come chat to him during lunchtime. He has worked for National Geographic as a camera man and climbed Everest twice.

See you then!

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