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Learning Lounge Christmas Raffle

The Learning Lounge is hosting their own Christmas raffle. It's really easy to take part. Simply do one of the following:

1. Be lovely/kind/awesome.

2. Excel in your lessons.

3. Take part in Learning Lounge activities like scabble, scavenger hunt and more.

4. Follow the school rules

If you do one of the above you will earn yourself 1 raffle ticket. The more raffle tickets you earn the better your odds will be of winning our amazing prizes. You can earn raffle tickets outside of the Learning Lounge as well. Your teachers are on the look out and will nominate you if they see you working hard and being kind.

We have loads of prizes up for grabs, here are some that are on offer:

- 20 minutes VR time - Stationary - Books

- Boxes of chocolates - Signed copy of Matt Dickinson's book 'The Everest Files' - 4x plastic book wallets

The raffle will be drawn on the 13th of December at KS3 lunchtime. So get collecting tickets. May the odds be in your favour.

Work hard, be kind, Take Pride!

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