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Career Spotlight - Armed Forces

The Learning Lounge is focusing its attention on careers this year. Every two months we will be putting a new career into our spotlight. On our career spotlight display, you will find books on a chosen industry, quizzes, career profiles, informative posters and bookmarks which detail the subjects on offer at Toot Hill School which will help you on your way.

Our display is not just for those students immediately thinking about their future, it's for those who are considering their options in Year 9. Our career spotlight can help you determine which GCSE's will be important to your future.

If the Armed Forces is not for you, you can still explore our display and take part in our fun quiz to earn 10 credit points.

Stay tuned, as in May we will have a Royal Marine joining us in the Learning Lounge to tell us all about his career path.

Fun Fact: Did you know:

  • The Royal Navy was formed in 1660 and was the first branch created which is why it is known as the ‘Senior Service’.

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