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Brains & Biscuits!

This half term has seen the launch of Mr Adams’ ‘Brains and Biscuits’ club on Wednesday evenings in languages. Students of all ages are invited to come along, listen to French, German and Spanish music and get creative with their languages. Tiago Costa, Will Lowden and Matthew Watson have started writing their short story series on the adventures  (and misadventures) of Aish Bufflé, the bumbling, bizarre pigeon; whilst Victoria Williams, Evie Yeomans and Katie Parry are tackling the world of French art, fashion and spidermen in their creative writing. The Bake Off inspired team of year 9s is planning to launch a French cookbook at some point this year (unfortunately not in time for Christmas 2015!).

New members, ideas and energy are always appreciated and welcome… Those biscuits won’t eat themselves!

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