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Use the links below to visit our favourite sites. Use the link in the 'Related Downloads' panel to view or download a PDF version of this list which you can then either save or print out for future reference.

General Links

The National RE Festival DatabaseThis is an excellent site for you to read other young people's views and have your say on big issues such as God, peace, justice and many more (KS3 and KS4).
RE-XS for SchoolsPupil friendly. First point of call for any research. Website is clearly broken up into different sections e.g. revision, world religions, ultimate questions, ethical issues. Suitable for KS3, 4 and 5.
BBC Religion and EthicsUseful research tool. Up to date articles relevant to current world and local issues. Suitable for KS3, 4 and 5.
CBBC NewsUseful research tool for basic information (KS3 and KS4).
The Orthodox Church and its IconsBeautiful collection of Orthodox icons (KS3 and KS4).
Religions Art GalleryWide variety of art for all the major world religions.
Jesus: The Complete Story (Discovery Channel)Faces of Jesus - different people interpretation of Jesus. Some commentary. Suitable for KS3 and KS4.
The Big MythExcellent animated site on creation myths from around the world (KS3).


RE:QuestExcellent website! Helpful for any gaps in your notes! Covers festivals, churches, basic beliefs, Christian aid organisations, rites of passage.
The GCSE RE SiteUseful, detailed. Quizzes and model answers.
www.religiousstudies.co.ukClick on Revision section for excellent mind maps and quizzes. Click Philosophy and Ethics for excellent run down and activities for GCSE Long Course.
BBC GCSE Bitesize RERevision site from BBC Bitesize.

AS and A Level

CounterbalanceEducational organisation working to promote counterbalanced perspectives on complex issues. Interviews and video clips with real scientists!
The Big QuestionsInteresting and readable dialogue between Paul Davies and Philip Adams about BIG issues.
BBC ReligionUp to date information and useful links. Very readable and accessible.
PhilosophyOnlineExcellent summary website. Clear information. Look particularly in Proofs, Miracles and Religious Experiences.
The Internet Encyclopedia of PhilosophyThe Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Some useful articles on philosophers and theories.
Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyStanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy - OK for articels on philosophers and concepts.
The Philosophers Magazine OnlineComprehensive. Up to date, quite advanced website. Some useful articles. Games and quotes on line.
Philosophy and EthicsBasic notes written by our favourite author.
RS-WebThis is a website providing links and tips for students at AS/A-Level. The links are arranged into sections which have links to further websites.
Ethics for SchoolsExcellent website. Very informative. Written by the Christian Medical Fellowship.
Ethical Studies Support LinksAnother excellent resource. This site support B Bowie's book 'Ethical Studies' and has links for each chapter for your further reading.

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