Shell Bright Ideas Challenge

Welcome to the homepage for the Year 8 & 9 after school STEM club competition entries for the Shell, Bright Ideas Challenge.

Check back in future for further info but for now here are the teams and projects:

Team Thermite Steam Turbine

  • Dave Wood
  • Hasan Raoof
  • ​Tom Middleton
  • Ben Hollands
  • Aidan Herrington

Team City Cycle Energy Generation

  • Reuben Willis
  • Charlie Henry
  • ​Isaac Thorn​

Team Micro Anaerobic Digester

  • Joel Bingham
  • Lewis Watt
  • ​Maisie Warner
  • Keisha Dowlman​

Team Surplus Energy Electrolysis for Hydrogen Storage

  • Joe Smith
  • Ashmit Thomas
  • Charlie Martindale
  • Kieran Donnelly
  • Daniel McLean

For the PowerPoint Template for completing the challenge click HERE

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